When one of us is hurt, all of us are. We feel the sadness, frustration & suffering of each woman.

Directly or indirectly we’ve all experienced violence. We’re are all connected & we emphasize with each women’s story. But just as we can feel each other’s pain, just as strong we can feel the love between us.

Todas somos una is a free graphic series made for everyone, you can print them to go march and know you’re not alone, or hang them in your home, you can use them in your social media or as screensaver, these are all yours, they’re ours.

Fondo Semillas is a feminist organization that helps women to obtain greater freedom, autonomy, justice and happiness. This year we join forces to support their work and continue sowing hand in hand a fruit of gender equality.

When we support one, we support all. #todassomosuna

Fondo Semillas es una organización feminista que apoya a mujeres a obtener una mayor libertad, autonomía, justicia y felicidad. Este año unimos fuerzas para apoyar su labor y continuar sembrando de la mano un fruto de igualdad de género.

Cuando apoyamos a una, apoyamos a todas. #todassomosuna


Do you want to share your art & love with us? Send your work in a high resolution PDF to hola@todassomosuna.com, the words “Todas somos una” have to be written on your design (in any language), that’s the only rule. Send us your name and/or your Instagram in the email, or it can be anonymous.


¿Quieres compartir tu arte y tu amor con nosotrxs? Manda tu obra en PDF en alta resolución a hola@todassomosuna.com. Puede ser cualquier frase, texto, ilustración o fotografía que quieras compartir. Escribe tu nombre y/o cuenta de Instagram en el correo, o si prefieres puede ser anónimo.